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Sometimes you can't put something in your hand after eating /drinking
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After Stable 0.57 we had some Issues after drinking and eating.
The problem seems to appear when you have a gun in your hands, then drink or eating all without first emptying your hands (does it automatically), then the character does the drink or eat animation, end it successfully with the message I have drunk the canteen. The Weapon does sometimes not get in the hand again. If you try to RMA again a can or some food you will only have the inspect option without drink or eating. Also with the Weapon, you wont be able to put it in your hand again. we had to logout and login again, then it was okey.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Hold something in your hands
  2. Drink or eat something without emptying hands
  3. Try to eat again, or to hold a weapon again
  4. It wont work

It happened very often, we were a group of 6 People it happened to all of us about 2-4 Times in a evening.

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Game breaking weapon bugs in version 0.57


Please downgrade back to 0.55

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c'mon Colonel, I prefer such bugs than sneaking zombies^^