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Intermittent weapon inaccuracy
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Reporting an issue with intermittent weapon inaccuracy.

I've noticed, on occasion, weapons will not hit the target your aiming part of the time and will hit the target part of the time. The only thing I can think of that may be causing this is the server not knowing where you're aiming when you pull the trigger (in short: a lag issue). Watch the video clip and note what you think if you have an opinion.

I had noticed this before while using a Repeater in a fire fight, this time I have it recorded using a Longhorn.


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Shot 1: Crosshairs are directly in the center of the target. Bullet lands on the ground next to the target.

Shot 2: Crosshairs are on the target. Bullet hits target.

Shot 3: Crosshairs are on the target. Bullet hits target.

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It looks like the server is guessing where I'm aiming based on my last known movement. Based on how I moved my aim from the target's upper right to the center of the target, I'm betting the server assumed I'd be aiming to the targets lower left at the moment I pulled the trigger.

Just a guess.

I noticed a similar issue firing a Winchester Model 70 a couple nights ago. Not even a 100m shot with a Hunter Scope aimed center mass, and the bullet landed at the guy's feet and to the left a bit. Didn't have much time to dwell on it but it was definitely odd.

Reporting an issue like this is really dicey because it's easy to dismiss it as people who just can't believe they missed a shot looking for an excuse. But I'm pretty sure something is amiss other than our aim.

I know what you mean about the ego thing. I miss plenty of shots. I know guns aren't perfectly accurate, and there's wind and bad rounds and all that. But its shots like the one in the video that just look wrong.

The rounds and gun are pristine in the video.

Any explanation Geez? DayZ guys?