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6 slot pants very hard to find..
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loads of jackets etc, just no pants anywhere..
Ran from Berenzino to Vybor, im fully geared but still wearing jeans.
My last character found green cargo pants, but they are way too hard to find now compaired to jackets..


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I can find them just fine. Look in the small office-ish buildings (sometimes attached to garages, two floors, has a bathroom on the first floor) and in the new school building, these seem to be the most common places to find them. Cargos in the former and Hunter Pants in the latter.

I agree. Playing for hours and hours. Still no 6 slot pants. And have only found ONE (1) six slotted jacket in all my hours of play. Those are extremely rare too.

however there are about 3 trillion assualt vests and hi cap vests. They are EVERYWHERE!!!

Central Loot Economy still bugging out as seen by the lootbomb and the guard shacks. The 2 barracks that are parallel to each other on the north side of vybor mil base is bugged on every server, rarely ever has anything in them, and if it does, it's usually just a lantern. Pro military gear there.

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Pants only spawn on the prison island, schools and the office-ish buildings (sometimes attached to garages, two floors, has a bathroom on the first floor)

Actually go to the new school building and you will only find every kind of hunter pants. Last time I went there I found at least 10 of them. :D

Yeah that is true guys.. i found some at the new school building on my old character... But they still seem too rare imo.. But thx anyhow..

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There are pants, just not in the old ordinary places, I don't know if it's a new patch problem, or devs changed spawns. Anyway, you can easly find them in the new school building, guard houses or in the military tents. Also, the prison island got a shitload of clothes, 6-slots-pants included.

@Geez maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

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