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"\" in config.bin under server_data.pbo avoid items to spawn, intentional?
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In the file config.bin are several characters (368) which seem to avoid alot of itmes to spawn on the server. {F31996}


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open server_data.pbo
open config.bin

search for:


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I don't think this is the cause. Why? Because the data is not accurate.
For instance check the data for HMMWV, it says it only spawns SKS as a weapon while I clearly found AK's, AK mags, kasthan scopes, etc. there. If you search for the keyword "kasthan" or "optic_kasthan" it doesn't find anything.

My guess is that the loot is in the CLE database or that the server_data.pbo is not accurate at the moment.

Geez added a comment.Jun 22 2015, 1:49 PM

Hello Andro and thank you for the report.
These data are not relevant to the current system and do not seem to cause any issues.