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When double carrying guns and jumping fences, the character will drop one gun before jumping.
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Sometimes when double carrying two primary weapons, the character will drop the gun in your hand when trying to jump fences.

Happened to me twice, and has happened to my friend at least three times.


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And a relog is often required to pick the dropped weapon back up

For me, it does not just happen "sometimes", but ALWAYS. Whenever I jump a fence, or drive a truck, my handheld weapon disappears. Relogging helped twice, but the third time it was gone for good. EXTREMELY annoying and almost a game-stopper.

If you are triple carrying (like me) I simply press G to throw my gun down, then hop the fence; then pick it up. It works fine then without a loss of a weapon, otherwise relog or if you run away it will disappear.

Ahh so this is now i lost my magnum.. Suddenly it was just gone..

REALLY hope this is going to addressed soon. By far the most annoying bug in-game atm, since the handheld item is not just dropped, by sometimes completely lost and gone to nirvana.

a bit of a workaround to get the gun back without logging

if you can't pick up the gun once it drops at the fence (lets say its an SKS for clarity) . drop the gun you have on your back (mosin) close by, open your inventory and have the dropped SKS in the vicinity before you drop the mosin)

then pick up the SKS that dropped when you jumped the fence (it will go on your back) then pick up your mosin into hands. (you can then swap them back over by dragging and dropping gun on back to gun in hands.

(I know it sounds scary and theres a chance you may lose 2 guns :) but its worked so far for me about half a dozen times)

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Do you still have this issue? Because I simply can't jump carrying two guns (talking about big ones, not pistols).

Geez added a comment.Jun 19 2015, 3:26 PM

Hello CrapMoStank and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0025177) and it has been scheduled for a fix.