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For some weapons, you can press "T" to toggle the weapon into an alternate firing mode. For example: the Blaze95 can be toggled to shoot both barrels at the same time.

This is a great feature, however, pressing the "T" button does not always work, and currently you have no way of knowing whether or not you actually toggled the weapon correctly until you fire it. This is similar to how "vaulting" doesn't work all the time.

Idea 1:
Add a "click" sound that is audible when the firing mode changes. (Not when "T" is pressed, but when the actual firing mode of the weapon changes.)

Idea 2:
Add text that indicates the current firing mode to the existing Hub area that displays the range set on the weapon (50m, 100m, 200m ...etc. on upper righthand corner of the screen).


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Thanks for the upvotes. I feel like this should really be a part of the game already; I'd be surprised if it wasn't already on the dev teams backlog, but just trying to increase visibility here.

Just going to add this to your current report,

The toggle of Firearms mode indeed worked in version .55 and back, but as of the current stable .57 the toggle no longer works and from what i gathered all firearms are no longer are able to change their "Firing mode" such as both the IZH-43 and Blaze will now only fire 1 bullet regardless on how many times you toggle the "T" button.

Also will upvote this as well for this suggestion is indeed needed to be able to at least know what the current firing mode is at when the firearm is toggled.

@TheManFunk, I saw that. Your report is actually what reminded me to finally report this issue. (thumbsup)