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Rejoining with weapon in the hands could make you lose it
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If you log out a server with a weapon in the hands you will log in with the weapon still in your hands and that's good, but the game doesn't memorize the weapon, it disappears from the hotbar too and if you press "x" button to put it away, it will be dropped on the floor (and eventually get bugged) or to some other place far away.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Put weapon in the hands
  • Log out
  • Log in

*You got it still in your hands*

  • Press "x" button in the "in-the-hands" section of the HUD
  • Weapon drops on the floor or who knows where

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this has been working fine for me. Could it be that the server restarted on you while you had the weapon on the ground?

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First time server restarted, but I am 100% sure it was in my hands. Then after a while I had to log off and relog and again weapon wasn't memorized in the hotbar and so neither on myself.
I will try again tomorrow with another character.