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Vaulting causes hands to go up without weapon in them; causes weapon in hand to be irremovable.
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When vaulting over an object, the character will stop and the animation of drawing a weapon will display, though no weapon is drawn. The only way to fix this is to draw your weapon and replace it.

After vaulting with a weapon in your character's hands, you are unable to remove the weapon by pressing the X in your inventory. If you have the weapon assigned to your quickbar, it removes the weapon from your inventory and drops it on the ground.

If you do not have the weapon in your inventory, you must use an item (food, canteen, etc.) to remove it from your hands. The weapon will then lay on the ground until you are finished with your item, then return to your hands.

While the weapon is on the ground, you may quickly add it to your quickbar prior to finishing your food, but it will still return to the ground, not your inventory when you try to stow it away.


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The only fix I've found is relogging, and then avoiding vaulting.

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I should also note that this can be exploited. When I logged back in this afternoon, I had the weapon back in my inventory, and a second weapon laying on the ground. It appeared to have duplicated somehow.

On a side note with this bug, having an invisible item in my hands caused that items actions to be instantaneous. I vaulted and ended up with an invisible unremovable pickaxe, I could dig a garden plot without any animation, they just appeared on the ground immediately.

Quick fix solution for the invisible unusable hands was to press the throw button and the invisible item in my hands appeared in mid air and freed up the hands slot.

Steps to reproduce (Tested twice)

1- Take your main weapon out, raise the gun.
2- Press Z to go prone, stand again pressing C.
3- Press the hotbar key assigned to your main weapon to holster it.
4- Vault glitch.

*Fixed by clicking the [X] button on your hands in step (3) instead of pressing the hotbar key.
*To reset the glitch i had to draw the real weapon, holster, drop on the ground and pick it up again.