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Unable to toggle weapon such as both IZH-43 Shotgun & Blaze 95 Double Rifle to fire off both rounds.
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Pretty much the title, Obtained Both IZH-43 Shotgun & Blaze 95 Double Rifle, Loaded the IZH-43, Pressed the "T" button For the IZH-43 then fired it, end result, it only shot off one round. Then proceeded to repeat same steps with the Blaze Rifle which ended with the same results.

Not sure if this is the case for other weapons that can be toggled, but concluded that this is currently happening with both the IZH-43 & Blaze.


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Steps to Reproduce are in the description, also checked on controls settings for infantry weapons to make sure that the "T" is the default button to toggle weapons and concluded that it indeed is.

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Forgot to note that this was not the issue from .55 and back and only started to happen when .57 was released as stable.

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Please acknowledge this thanks. I would be grateful to be able to toggle most firearms again before the next experimental release.

I have the exact other way round. I have the Blaze and can only bust off two rounds at once.

i As well Tested this with B95 Double and the M4 and neither of the Toggle's for them worked.