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Status Indicators not changing after eating or drinking
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From the time of login, there are no evident changes in status indicators after eating or not eating after extended periods of time.


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Happened to me too yesterday. No matter how much I drank or ate, I never got the "energized", "hydrated" or "sick" status. Didn't vomit as well.

It did work for at least the first 15 minutes of my gameplay, because I managed to get rid of the "hungry" status. Can't pinpoint the exact moment when the system stopped updating though or was it related to me performing some specific action.

While I was swimming I also didn't get "wet" nor did I got the "bleeding" status despite spilling blood from my stomach after receiving a hit with a sledgehammer. In the last case I clearly saw the effect of my blood level dropping as the screen got desaturated.

relog helps

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I already posted it, adding that it's also a problem related to warning messages: that's a huge bug :/

PS: relogging didn't help me, I tried more than twice :/

Had the same issue. Status indicators didn't change after eating or drinking so i decided to relog, when i loaded back in i was fully energized, fully hydrated, healthy and red stuffed and my character vomited immediately.

It's been hours now that my character is light green energized and hydrated and still can't heal. Logged off and in many times anf still bugged. Tried with a character on another server. Same problem.
Easy tip guys, if not a single warning message (i am hungry, etc.) shows up, your status is bugged.

Relog fixed it for me.

I can confirm relogging does not work. I have this bug on my character on public AND on a private server. Tried relogging several times and the character is still not getting hungry or thirsty.

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UPDATE: things that "fix" temporary:

  • eating or drinking a lot until you vomit;
  • server restart (log off when server restarted -no message received-);
  • logging off and in works just for someone

logging off and back in seemed to not fix it but then 15 seconds after spawn I instantly accumulated all the food/drink (1 full canteen, a whole bag of rice, 5 various cans of food) I had eaten in vain to get my hungry status away. I was then healthy and energized but vomited and went to thirsty. From then on my status changes functioned properly.