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Weapon dropped on the ground while jumping
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If you jump like over a fence you will drop your weapon.
It looks like the character animation is putting the weapon on the back but instead he will drop it on the ground.


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jump with weapon in your hand over a fence.

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I can confirm as well. Jumped fence with longhorn in hand. Gone after that.

I had the same problem. W an sks in hands and other Gun on back

This is one of the most gamebreaking bugs in 0.57 and only one upvote?????

This proves the devs HAVE TO rethink their EXPERIMENTAL strategy. It's not working! Bugs aren't being reported enough!

Game breaking weapon bugs in version 0.57


Please downgrade back to 0.55

U can walk upp typ ur weapon and take out the mag/bullets and then it reappears in ur hands.

had this happen tonight.
I was double carrying.

SKS in hands mosin on back.
I jumped a fence and he dropped the sks.
I jumped back over and the gun was on the ground but i couldn't take it into my hands.

I had to put the mosin on the ground, pick up the sks into main inventory (on back) then take the mosin into my hands. (then i could swap them over )

the whole idea of items leaving empty inventory slots when in your hands is crazy. it has opened up a huge can of worms

the inventory is far too fiddly as it is without adding even more micro management.

say you have a pistol in your backpack and put it in hand while looting (for safety)

and you pick up a can of something, it sometimes goes into 1 of the slots the pistol was using.(even if you have other empty single slots)

if you have no free 4 slot box you cannot put your pistol away.

nearly got killed by a zombie when this happened to me and i couldn't change to my axe with hotkey by the time i realized why i couldn't put the pistol away i had been hit a good few times.

another is if you chop a tree down that makes long sticks the stick will auto equip on the slot the axe came from on your back. (happened to me last night and i lost the axe too)