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M65 jacket is overpowered, either nerf it to 2x3 slots or upgrade all other heavy jackets to 2x4.
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It is not logical to have THE single jacket that offers so much space.

It has exactly the same amount of pockets as TTSKO jacket on the model.


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Find a M65 jacket, compare to other items.

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I don't care if it's 2 slots more. I does not need to change.

IMO the jacket is fine how it is.

later it will be a rare item

1 downside is the M65 is not waterproof so when rain comes back it wont be the jacket of choice

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It's absurd to say a jacket is "overpowered". There are various kinds of jackets in the world, with different amounts and sizes of pockets. The M65 is simply the one with the largest amount of storage space available. It is rare and desirable because it has more capacity.
The original post is analogous to saying that all backpacks should be the same capacity.
It appears from the model in-came that the M65 has the same amount of pockets as the TTSKO, but the model for the M65 also appears to be looser-fitting, and has larger pockets.

It isn't overpowered at all. If you've ever used it you'll find that you have issues with it and keeping warm, which can be a major downside. Even the Wool Coat, a highly common civilian item, keeps one warmer. Add to it that it sucks at keeping dry and you really have a major downside only justified (IMO) by the M65 Jacket's badass look.

What I do find strange about military clothing balancing is the difference between TTsKO and Gorka clothing. Gorka is pretty much objectively better than TTsKO (same amount of space and pretty much same insulation, but completely waterproof), but the TTsKO clothing seems to be much more rare. Seems like a small issue there, but obviously not a major one.