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Character has been wiped after logging in.
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Hi there, my character has been wiped after logging on today. I am on the experimental branch and my character has been wiped clean - I spawned in today fresh on the coast. I am unable to get back my character by logging in to other servers - both experimental and stable. Thoroughly annoying.


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you dont know how experimental works? this ticket can be closed.

Experimental or Stable, this can happen if you attempt to join a server before it's "fully" restarted. You can even actually get into the server some times after this happens, run around for a while, loot, kill, whatever..., log out, and on login to a new server, and get the "Your character has been reset" message.

This has been a problem for a while.

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with the last exp. update last night, there was an character wipe.

no need for an ticket

Alright, thanks for the info. Also, has loot broken again since the last update? Cos I know that the update on which I built up the character which got wiped, the loot was working really well.

Hi theinfamouskoala,

It is normal that Exp. character data gets wiped on each update. Additionally, it has been announced that Stable branch character and persistence data would be wiped once 0.57 hit Stable branch.