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Status messages in inventory screen do not agree with messages at lower LHS corner of screen
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I ate quite a lot! Two sacks of rice, a box of cereal, two dozen apples, a dozen cans of food. I probably ate more than this, but these items I remember distinctly. No matter how much I ate, I remained dark green Energized on the inventory screen. FYI - I also had several cans of soda and quite a bit of water.

I logged out for a scheduled server restart. When I logged back in, I was now lime green Energized. However, on the bottom LHS corner of my screen I was receiving messages that I was stuffed, that I feel like I might throw up and I think I'm going to throw up.

While I was receiving these messages about being stuffed and wanting to throw up, I opened my inventory screen again and I had no stuffed status message, nor did I have a stuffed status message before I logged out.

I fully expected to see the energized status and I also expected a stuffed status message in the inventory screen long before I logged out. After I logged back in, I don't understand why the lower LHS group of messages did not seem to be coordinated with the stuffed status indicator. It's as if the status indicators periodically take a nap and "forget" to toggle on and off at the appropriate time.


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