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300er round box only 4 slots? 0.57
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I don't think that is correct no, as even if you stack ammo, you won't fit 300 rounds in there.

Either that is a bug or they played with the wrong item in the lab, lol

The first aid kit is also now only 4 slots (instead of six), and a guy I play with said he picked up a protector case which had 6 slots, but also took 6 slots in inventory (instead of 4).

It's possible this was done on purpose for testing, but either way hopefully these containers will soon compress items again, as it gives them value worthy of their rarity.

Geez added a comment.Jun 10 2015, 12:06 PM

Hello Darcion and thank you for the report.
Due to recent changes in game, containers now have the same amount of slots as the amount of space they take.