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Characters hunger or temperature unchanged until server restart (linked to bug 0025147)
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I started a character from scratch the first time I ever played 0.57.128076.

When the character spawned it's heath had no hunger or any other status and proceeded no matter what I drank or ate to continue with no status (unchanged from the beginning).

In the same manner as the hunger status, I received no messages about warming up or cooling off.

After a couple of hours the server then restarted and the health status 'kicked in' with me being energised(green), hydrated(light green) and stuffed(dark red). The character then after 20 seconds vomited which changed the statuses to energised(green), hydrated(green). I also got temperature change text appearing and after 30 minutes or so my hydration and hunger statuses reduced as I would have expected them to.


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Geez has added a relationship to bug 25033 which I think is incorrect.
It should be related to 25147.

I had the opposite: Hunger and thirst were working fine until the server restarted. Logging back in my state was frozen and relogging did not solve the issue.

Then my game froze and crashed (memory crash). After restarting hunger/thirst kicked in.

I was either baking or eating a baked apple when the server restart happened.

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On DayZ UK 0-10 (Experimental/Unstable) I no longer need food or water as my health status stays bright green. I've been running about an hour. i.e. once you are healthy and all in light green you no longer get hungry or thirsty.

I actually suddenly thought "Oh no, I bet I am actually starving and thirsty but the indicators are broken" so I logged off and back on to the same server and got a Respawning in 30 secs message but nope I was still alive and healthy.

I'd say I've run the width of the map what with the meanders I've taken.

I'll take a break and rejoin in an hour or two after the server has restarted.

edit: Mine stayed all light green even after the server restart. (First noticed my time 2:16pm, now 7:16pm so I presume a restart happened.Not sure I should open a new ticket or if I'll get updates on this ticket. freethink on the forums if you need more info i.e. steamuid