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Loot balancing
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As every one who has played .57 exp you know where the small loot splosions are. That leaves other buildings quit empty. For example the new gate house in Electro west side south of rail line has a loot splosion along with pavlovo mil base. Yet the barracks at pavlo mil base have next to nothing in them. That goes for every barracks I have gone to. Yes people might have looted them, but there is next to no junk in them as well. Also balota airfield the west prison has next to nothing in it yet the east one has quite a bit in it. So if people have looted them I would expect to see both pretty empty not one with some items of junk and on with next to nothing. The same could be said with houses to, But I generally find they have next to nothing in them any way apart from the ones that get all the clothing in them. Upshot it would be good to see it spread around a bit more.


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Best time to see this would be straight after a server has come on line after an update that has reset the loot to see if what I'm saying is correct. Although I know the loot splosions are correct.

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