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Internet drop
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After playing the game for about 5 mins my internet drops then comes back on I have been having this problem for the last couple of months. I thought it might be my router, but it only happens when playing dayz no other time. If you require router information just let me know.


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Hi fing24,

There's not really much we can do in these cases. By "...the last couple of months"; do you mean that you bought DayZ a couple of months ago and then the issues started appearing?


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No I have been playing the game over the last year and a half. I have been having this problem in the last few months.

All we can do is recommend that you make sure that your router's firmware is udpated.

You can also try to power cycling you router/modem to see if that helps as well as performing the following steps (make sure that DayZ is not running):

  1. Hold down your Windows key and press R.
  2. Type in "cmd" (without quotation marks) and hit Enter.
  3. Type in "netsh winsock reset" (without quotation marks) in the command window and hit Enter.
  4. Restart your pc and launch DayZ.


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I had same issue and I found a solution from internet.

  1. Go to steam settings.
  2. Open "In-Game" tab.
  3. Set "In Game server browsing: Max pings/minute" to 1500.

Only happened to me after playing DayZ aswell.

Let me know if it helped,

Thanks for the advice. Did what stuart said and so far have no problems. But if I do I will try out what you say.

Happy to hear fing24.

In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to submit a new ticket.