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Blaze Durability
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I do not know if this was intented or not, but the blaze has been needing to be cleaned much more than any gun I've had. I use it a few times, or even carry it for half an hour and it's worn. It may have something to do with me always ejecting and reloading ammo like I have OCD, but I always make sure I have the maximum amount of ammo at any given situation. Maybe it's just me, but I've gone through a couple blazes not knowing I was that close to ruined. Pick up the mosin and go through 100 rounds and I'm okay. Blaze doesn't get through 20.


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Just carry and shoot a blaze and then do the same for any other gun the same way and you'll notice the huge difference. The blaze is fun, and challenging for 2 shots, but it kills ya for durability

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my friend had the same problem, after some time the blaze was ruined

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Hello kradarak and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of, it has been fixed internally and should be fixed on stable branch soon (#0023845).