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Since CTD I have difficulty picking items up
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I had a CTD (see 0025022). Since then, I am having problems picking items up. Some items, such as a box of .357 ammo and a box of .380 ammo I was never able to pick up. I have been able to pick up other items, but there is a massive delay (ten to twenty seconds) between when I drag them into my inventory and when there is any activity. Sometimes, like the ammo boxes, nothing happens.


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Seems to be a chronic, universal problem when interacting with all loot, since my CTD.

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EDIT: This problem seems to come and go, even on the same server. This evening, I logged into a Singapore server, from the USA, to meet some friends and the server delay was so massive that the game was unplayable. I spoke to the friends on Teamspeak and they said that they were not experiencing the problem. I hopped onto a US server to travel to my destination and there was no delay. Suddenly this second server also started with the massive delay. I hopped back onto the original Singapore server and there was no delay. The strange part was that the server load was similar and relatively stable on both servers, throughout the evening. At any given time, both servers had between 14 to 24 players logged in, but typically between 20 to 24 players.

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Same here on all servers 1st person and 3th person servers theres a crasy delay up to 1min on each action you do. and you need to run in and out of houses for the game to know your near the loot. Its unpalyerble atm until these issues are fixed.