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Cannot pick up matches
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Came across a garage with 3 boxes of matches, I already had a box of matches I had found earlier but one of the boxes in the vicinity had more content so double clicked it but it was not added to my inventory. Tried dragging into my inventory without success. Checked my ping was ok, tried several times more but without success. There was a gas stove nearby and was able to add to my inventory by double clicking. Immediately tried the matches again but no good. Could pick up everything else except the matches. {F31837}


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Have picked matches up in other location no problem

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This happens sometimes. Usually if you go outside the building for about 5 seconds and then go back in you can pick up the problem items.

If the above tip does not work take a closer look at the door - it might appear open on your (client) side but closed on server side. In this case open > close > open.

There are instances where an item although appearing on the ground nearby is actually inside someone else's inventory - had a similar problem earlier today with a pair of boots - ping/latency and desync were all fine it was just the server going slow - in the end the server let me take them after about 2mins