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Pickaxe disappeared when vaulting a fence
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I was jogging with a pickaxe in my hands, pressed "V" to vault a fence and the pickaxe disappeared from my inventory and the hot key. Thought oh well its alpha and carried on. Later I found a baseball bat and dragged it from the vicinity part of the inventory to my character but it did not appear in my inventory even after several tries. but could drag it into my hands. Then found I could not drop the baseball bat but managed to throw it with the "G" key. tried to equip again but without success so dragged it into my hands and logged off.

Logged back on a few minutes later and my pickaxe had reappeared on my shoulder and the baseball bat was in my hands. Dropped the bat ok, added the pickaxe back to its hot key and it worked as it should.


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After re-logging I tried jumping several fences with the pickaxe in my hand but was unable to reproduce the problem.

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Prior to this I had picked up a cattle prod and dragged a battery onto the prod which was on my back not in my hands, when I came to use the prod the battery had disappeared. I usually write down bugs as they occur but at the time of the cattle prod problem I encountered a hostile player and by the time I had lost him I forgot to write down the cattle prod problem so cannot remember exactly.

With regard to the pickaxe the details are correct.

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Hello wilbur99 and thank you for the report.
These are issues we are aware of and they have been scheduled for a fix.