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[0.57 Exp] Fresh-Spawned completly naked near Vybor
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I spawned at 2pm CEST on the UK4 0-1 Experimental Server. When I spawned, the Server was just restarting - so i got kicked.

After rejoining the Server, i spawned without anything (no jeans, no shirt, no shoes, i.e. naked) between Vybor and Pustoshka. In fact, it wasn't even the same character model, i previously spawned with.


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Old bug - there are the normal spawn points at the coast where you spwan with t-shirt, jeans. shoes, flashlight and battery. And then there is the Vybor spawn where you spawn completely naked.

Okay, didn't know that. Thought it was a 0.57 exclusive bug ;)
Tanks for clearing things up.

If this bug is already filed, i guess this ticket may be closed.