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[EXP .56] Loot piles taking items from central economy.
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I'm sure this is a known issue but couldn't find a report about it for exp.56 so (for my own peace of mind) here we go :P

There are still certain places with massive piles of loot spawning on top of each other. For example the prison (island) is like a clothing store, with hundreds (possibly thousands) of ttsko/gorka/orel etc. pants and jackets. Some of the un-enterable porch buildings have massive piles of vests/AKs/SVDs/pistols/mags etc. Military watchtowers are another example. This is obviously taking these items from the loot system and concentrating loot at certain points on the map.

Porch building: All of this was on the porch, I moved it all onto the road.

Prison Island Every room was like this, and some places had 20 items piled on top of each other.


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There needs to be some sort of a limiter on an "item per area" or something along that line. That way loot won't have a tendancy to keep spawning where it isn't needed. I feel like that would help evenly distribute the loot around the map rather than stacking it in a few places.

@Geez I think this issue is solved

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