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No option to bleach or dye clothes in barrel
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I do not get the menu options to bleach or dye clothes.
I watched the YouTube video (linked below) on how to do it, but I've not had any success.

Multipurpose barrel - procedural clothes recoloring


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Steps To Reproduce

I found a damaged green barrel on a first person only server.

I added a damaged orange arm band and a damaged 100% full disinfectant spray bottle. No option to bleach clothes appeared. I tried scroll wheel in first person view and right clicking on the barrel while at the inventory screen. I tried with the barrel in my hands and on the ground. I tried with the lid opened and the lid closed.

Removed disinfectant and added red berries. No option to color clothes appeared. I tried the same steps with a grey hoodie and received the same negative results. So far, I haven't found a white t to test with.

Additional Information

All items (apart from the red berries) were in damaged condition, but not badly damaged or ruined.

View of lid being opened or lid being closed did not change unless I "took" the barrel and then set it down again.

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Hello CanFire.
The feature to dye/bleach clothes has not been fully implemented yet and will be implemented in future.

joma126 added a subscriber: joma126.Sep 3 2017, 5:23 PM

Exp NE -01 Tanned hides, prompt to bleach and clothes vanish ! Tried twice.