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unconscious timing
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Currently if you get a beat from a zombie or your a bloodless you switch to unconscious. But.. the time how long you are unconscious is to much and not realy helpful.

If you go to unconscious because:

  • starving; you die after 2 minutes if you are unconscious of bloodless
  • zombie beats you; you die after max 2 minutes of unconscious because the zombie beats you till death meanwhile you lie on the floor
  • thirsty; look at starving
  • other things you are unconscious: n/a

That means: unconscious more than 3 minutes are nessecary because the reasons i type. And nobody play a game for a long time if he must wait 60 minutes ( and se a black screen) or more to play further without a hourglass or anything that you can see on which point you stand up or die.

unconscious between 10 seconds and max 3 Minutes
insert a hourglass to see how long iam unconscious



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A new player the bought the game and collect a punch from a zombie and slip to unconscious, they didnt wait 2 minutes or more till he can play further.

he switch the game off, go to facebook or amazon or steam an post a troll against the game.

That cant be your plan ;)

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No need to reduce the time and definitely no need to add a visible timer - it completely removes the uncertainty.

At most there should be some indication whether or not your character is able to wake up without help.

maybe youre right in case of the timer display... but iam against the time how long you cant play.
Image.. you can't play! Many Players switch the game off and play it never again if these are a released function. Not the best idea. A balanced line between realism and fun must be found.
Many players forgot that the devs working on a game to earn money. Realism is ok, but if the fun dies... fxxx off the realism. Nobody has fun to watch a black screen about a hour.