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Making it easier to find crashsites
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When i was driving my "Crashsite-Tour" and didn't come across a single Helicopter on 4 Servers i gave up very disappointedly. I read that there may be up to 3 crashsites on each server. Which means there can also be only one or two, or zero!!! On a clear day you can see the smoke from 1 km away, maybe a little more if you trained your eyes ;) But still, it takes a tour of about 10 km to visit or drive by 90% of all possible spawns. And don't tell me the ones i didn't find were on those spots...

However my idea is: How about a SOS-Signal being radioed from the wreckage which you can receive with a Walkie-Talkie (maybe you have to be around 1 km to get it or sth like that) or a radiostation settled on Airfields, Green Mountain and similar places. It's not necessary the message contains the exact spot where the Chopper came down, assuming every passenger died in the crash, but it should contain some information like the last known position, which is sent in any SOS/Mayday.


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Maybe the aim is that the crashsides should only be found rarely and not daily after driving a tour or visiting an airfield-tower.

Sorry, but on this issue I would say no. I personally do not even go to crashsides anymore as they are always looted already.

As you mentioned already, you have a "Crashside-Tour" on various servers. This shows already that it is still way too easy to locate the spawns.

Therefore I would ask for more possible spawn locations, maybe a bit more in the North. No hints.

I do not think helicopter crashes should be easy to find. They potentially spawn extremely valuable loot so it's good if people have a hard time locating them.

You guys have good points, Helicopters should not be found very easily, but it was more realistic if a helicopter radioed an SOS-Signal, every plane and especially military airvehicles do that via Blackboxes.
Spreading the crashsites more across the whole map is a good idea.