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Taking cooking pot out of hands "freezes" server
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So I made the mistake of picking up a cooking pot with my hands when I had no backpack

Turns out, whenever I try to do anything that removes the cooking pot from my hands, the server freezes. Everything stops "responding" and I get an infinite "receiving..." notification.

This happens whenever I try to put a weapon in my hands via the hotbar, when I press the X in the inventory on the cooking pot, when I try to drink from wells, drink/eat something directly from the ground, etc. Everything is responsive up until the very exact point I try to remove the pot from my hands.

I'm pretty sure this affects the entire server, because whenever I leave, I cannot rejoin the server for a small period of time and people seem to leave it in large numbers


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Acquire cooking pot into hands
  2. Try to drop it
Additional Information

Could just be me, but I have:

  1. Lime hard hat pristine
  2. Blue wool coat damaged
  3. Athletic shoes brown prestine
  4. Brown working gloves damages
  5. Ashwood stick (on back) pristine
  6. Izh 18 Rifle (on back, no ammo) pristine
  7. Blue jeans pristine

I have no free inventory slots in which the cooking pot could enter my inventory

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EDIT: Found a backpack, was successfully able to free myself from the cooking pot. It went into my bag

I crashed a server by trying to take a cooking pot out of the fire and dragging it to the ground afterwards. Cooking pot was deleted in the process, too.

I got this bug when I was holding a cooking pot and trying to climb up a ladder. The freeze seems to happen the exact moment your character drops the pot.

Fixed in 0.57.

Not fixed - still happens when trying to drop a gas stove with pot attached.