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The Instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read. Error at launch
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I get the Error above when attempting to start dayz, had this long ago and stopped playing Dayz because of it, now that I wanna play it again, its still not working...

and YES: I already tried the solutions at
those dont work for me... {F31750} {F31751} {F31752} {F31753} {F31754}


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Game Crash
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Launching game on my laptop :)

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I hope i got the error message translated right :) But i guess only the first sentence is important

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Hello Naeramarth.
Could you please attach your dxdiag file to the ticket?

I uploaded it... pls note that the GPU shown is only the integrated one (since I'm on a Laptop), my real one is a Nvidia 750m (4gb Vram) as you can see when scrolling down to the Driver section :)

ok I upgraded my windows to windows 8.1, since I experienced other issues in other games as well... now dayz starts properly, but I havent tried actually playing yet. I think it will work now though :) Sorry for using up your time, as I see you got a lot of more serious problems to worry about :)

I'm getting this crash when I star the game also. I have attached my DxDiag and RPT file. I have tried updating drivers. Switching between experimental and stable. I have also attached my error.txt file. It keeps showing the same error in it also.