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When placing large items in bag, they are resorted and sometimes lost
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I have a fully ghillie suit. Once, I had it in a mountain backpack, with a few other large items, and when I re-entered the server, or if I went to another server with those items, my ghillie would drop immediately. I have found that with bags and tents, the same thing happens. Upon server restart or something, the game tries to resort my inventory, but the algorithm it uses is faulty and it expels something. I have lost countless items this way, especially with pouches and mixing items that are 2 units horizontally and 2 units vertically in space. If you try mixing different variations and a server restart or you change servers, you're going to lose something or it's going to be dropped...and you better hope you notice it.


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Steps To Reproduce

Get a backpack
fill it with a pumpkin, a ghillie suit, a shovel or two, and a few horizontal items, like a leather sewing kit.
Drop the backpack on the ground and leave the server
come back after server restarts
items are magically gone

alternately, keep the backpack on and you've instantly dropped something

Additional Information

I have not tested to confirm after server restart if you leave a bag with large items in it, if it expels the item or it disappears outright. I would need someone to test with me. :)

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Hello kradarak and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0022321) and it has been scheduled for a fix.