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Experimental - Backpack disappeared after dropping them
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Played Experimental on UK1-01

It happend 2 times that I found a Backpack. First time it was a school case and I wanted to change it with a talon packpack.
Usually I drop the backpack on my back and just put on the new one. Now I can just use the double click to move items from my first backpack to my new one, which is quite faster then using drag&drop.
But after dropping the school case it was just gone.
So I took the talon backpack and after a while I found a Drybag.
So I tried it a second time and this time the talon backpack vanished.
I took the dryback and after that I found a Mountin backpack, this time I used Drag&Drop and it worked as it should be.


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Not limited to backpacks. Items have a good cahnce disappearing when dropped.

confirmed, its hardcore bugged atm....items disappearing left and right, sometimes they get teleported away, about 10 meters.

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Sometimes when you throw the thing in the house she moved behind the wall or is at the threshold of the house