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.56 No or lack of items spawning in Berezino
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I am in the Berezino area and I've noticed lack of items in upper and lower Berezino. I originally spawned in Svet and was able to find a ton of items at gate houses (the one with the stoop), and various other houses.

When I moved south, Berezino seems to be bare. I have noticed this on Southeast 0-1, Central, and the Southwest experimental servers. I have been playing Experimental since Thursday when the roll out occured.


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Observe a few of the US servers I mentioned above, yet to find items in Berezino.

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The problem is how central loot is handled on a high population server like the exp. Loot is apparently ok to start with, but after persistence kicks in, which is a lot on a high population server, you end up with a barren land with no loot at all, or a few loot explosions in certain locations.

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Hello Wykydtronik and thank you for the report.
We have tested this thoroughly but unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. However, the loot system is still being tweaked and issues may occur. Please retest this once next patch hits stable branch and report to us in case the issue re-appears on there.