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0.56 exp - items are disappearing if u drop them
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I played on a US - 1st person - public exp .56 server.
For example, if u go in a house and drop a vest or clothing or some item, it could be, that this item got teleported away and isnt at the place where u dropped it. With 0.55 I didnt notice this problem, maybe this occured, because the server was laggy, but I also tryed another server and same things happened. If u go around the building where u dropped the item, it could be somewhere there on the ground. But also it could be teleported to other items which are around.

I think its a known bug and I also had this issue with earlier versions of the game like .54 or earlier. But with .55 I never had this issue.


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Join an exp. Server and try to drop things in a house, or building. Look if the item is at the place where u dropped it.

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can confirm this bug. Sometimes items disappear when putting them on the ground. At one instance i took some boots off, put them on the ground, they disappeared. after leaving the building they were outside on the ground.

Also when crafting and you have no free space in the inventory, items disappear.

can confirm, has been happening a lot on the latest exp.

i noticed sometimes if i have an item in hand, and then drag an item from inventory to hands to swap, the item in hand currently goes to the vicinity area but often is not on the ground and if you drag it to inventory from vicinity it appears as normal in inventory but items to ground seems to be buggy along with swapping in hand items with inventory

if you try to place an item to close to a wall or other objects it disappears. sometimes placing them in open areas fixes it, but other times its some kind of server lag and you have to relog to fix it. i lost an amphibia it was in my hand and i placed some stuff in the place were it was meant to be stored in my inventory and it disappeared after i dropped it. it is a bug, because i never found it.

Confirm clothing items are lost regardless of what location you are in i.e. building, shed, outside if you attempt to swap with a clothing item you are already wearing.

Bad issue, losing soo much stuff due to this problem

I lost an entire backpack and all the items in it because of this bug >.<

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Hello Paradox89 and thank you for the report.
We have tested this thoroughly but unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. However, there have been several patches since this particular report, so it is very likely the issue has been fixed. Please retest this on current patch and report back to us in case the issue has re-appeared on there.