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0.56 [Exp] Central Economy
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In this Update, Central Economy is still not ready to go on stable.
I looted whole Cherno and found NOTHING. At least my best Item was a tan boonie hat an brass knockles. THIS isn't a way how to start surviving in Chernarus! I wouldnt say anything if i am able to find at least some food or small weapons like pistols, this would be enough!! But without findig food or drink in the area you spawn its nearly unpossible to survive!
Stable branch needs a good working and well defined central economy system!


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The server seems empty for me. Rarely I find any items at all, not even books.

However, I have had an encounter with "loot explosion" at grid 108 125 near Elektrozavodsk. I uploaded a picture of it.

This was on the experimental servers. (.56)

Update: I looked in +14 different cities and didn't find any loot.(literally) Only loot was some ammo at a police car and two chickens that I skinned and gutted.

I went to the most secluse places I could find, like e.g. Tisy and cabins in the most northen woods. Very uncommon places, not even a single book.

Also, the police car spawned a ton of books. Don't think it should spawn any, or maybe 1 with a chance of 3 %.

The point of the book spawn ramble is that if there was any loot before I got there, the books would be left behind.

In the best case i find a hat, never saw more than 1 item in a room...

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Hello Alentejos.
The system is still being tweaked and worked upon. Once finished most of the bugs should be fixed.