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FPS drop for a couple of seconds when a player enters your network bubble (1km)
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whenever a player enters your network bubble FPS will drop from say a solid 60 - 8 for a couple of seconds then pop back up to 60 once the other player is in your bubble.

I've tested this with friends using Vybor gas station & Veresnik mound as markers(1km), once the other player gets to the mound my FPS will drop for a couple of seconds then go back to normal. This happens every time I encounter another player and can be used to predict players nearby.


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Get 2 players over a kilometre apart then have them move closer to each other, once they get within 1km both players FPS will drop for a couple of seconds whilst the the network bubble accommodates both players.

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This does seem to be the case. It's the new Red Chain.

Yep. Experienced this a couple of times.

Geez added a comment.May 14 2015, 9:43 AM

Hello PaulieZ and thank you for the report.
We have tested this thoroughly but unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue and we are certain everything has been set up correctly on our side. Please retest this once next patch hits Steam and report back to us in case the issue re-appears on there.