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EXP: Change the settings
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I noticed you closed issue 0019293 concerning zero loot on experimental servers.
Like the original poster said, if you want people to play experimental and actually TEST and REPORT issues there, you will have to make loot more available.

At least have characters there spawn energized and hydrated.

I don't even play EXP anymore because I'm not into standing at the apple tree for an hour before starting my journey!!

For goodness sakes, devs!! This is the Alpha of an Alpha, why the heck won't you adjust the settings to make playing on EXP actually attractive for us?


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"as yurblackdad stated (thanks yurblackdad!), this is quite natural shortly after an Exp update. I have checked and the lootspawns are normal on Experimental right now."

This does not mean that it doesn't suck and is acceptable!