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MP5 destroyed by dragging AK-Buttstock to it within military tent. I was not able to drop ghost of mp5 from Hands afterwards
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This morning I (probably) destroyed a MP5-K due to dragging a AK folding buttstock onto the weapon.

It was still in my hands and I was not able to drop the MP5 from my hands.

After a Logout the Weapon was gone.


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The MP5 had been in my inventory. The MP5 was in my hands and as well it had a place in my backpack.

The buttstock had been in a military-tent-inventory. The Inventory of the tent was quite full.

Instantly after dragging the AK-Buttstock onto the the MP5 it vanished within the inventory of my backpack but I still had it within my hands.
I still was able to shoot. The amount of amunition within the 30-mag decreased while shooting. I was able to drop all the attachments (handgard, flashlight, compensator, 30 mag) to my inventory by rightclicking on the item (mp5) in my hands. I was not able to drop the gun off my hands. I was not able to drag and drop anything other to my hands to switch this other item with the gun.

While still having the gun glued to my hands the buttstock stayed within my backpack at the place where the mp5-k originally had been.

When I logged out the weapon was gone. I do not think the gun glitched to some lower item-slot within the military-tent (where i cannot scroll to).

Additional Information

Server was good, only me in the server, persistant and had a (full) reset earlier (and restart / no loot explosions yet).
stable, NOT experimental

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Hello dfnibbels and thank you for the report.
We have tested this thoroughly but unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. However there have been some tweaks done which most likely have fixed the issue. Please retest this once next patch hits Steam and report back to us in case the issue has re-appeared there.