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Items duplication
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Yesterday after the reset of the server I I played I found much more Items (tools, weapons, bags, etc.) but almost all the places had the items in double or triple though I have to mention that at least one was damaged or worn and one pristine.

Is that due to the normal wear process of the new central economy?


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Hello wild,

If you find massive amounts of loot everywhere, it could be due to a misconfigured server. Do you by any chance have the server ip + port numbers?


"persistance on":

Some maybe about loot explosions:

Our experience is, that if players put many Tents AND OR Bags with stuff inside AND OR many people in one place at places with loot spawns that makes those loot-explosions within a specific distance.

If that gets too heavy and if you walk around this positions, loot vanishes from bodys. You just walk and look at things and you get naked..
The People and Admins think, this is due to too much items in a closer area or due to too much items on the server.
When this starts to happen, we tend to bring tends to another server and then the server gets wiped.
Then we bring our good stuff back to the fresh server.

Because we are feeling a connection between filled up bags or tents we tended to search for loot-explosions to find our opponents/camps within the game. Someone told me, that they had a Camp near the airfield once and within some circle of approx 800-900m the lootexplosions happened, outside of that circle they stopped.
Another one told me, that they had some camp near a little lootplace in the woods. A Dearstand or something like this. When they had some few tents there it didnt do anything to the lootplace. But when they put 2 more tents near the other tents the loot in the "Dearstand" got massive.