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Swapping items deletes one of those items
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This has begun to happen over the course of the past 48 hours or so. When swapping an item within inventory (of the same size), the item being moved is deleted - or at least is invisible (ie not on the ground or elsewhere in inventory). This is not only with the full plate carrier.


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Happens about 75% of the time, both with dual slot items (I just lost a full 60rnd M4 mag to it when I was swapping it for a canteen), and with single slot items.

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Does it happens with any part of inventory? I'm pretty sure that when 0.55 came to the Stable branch, we experienced this bug only with Plate Carrier (with pouches and holster attached).

I can confirm the behaviour if you drag plate carrier pouches on a 75-round mag. It got deleted on me.

I also had this happen a few times, with protector cases and med cases.

The complete Steelplate Carrier now behaves a bit like a fireplace did or does. You cannot choose where to put an item. if you drop an Item onto another, it probably gets deleted.
You only can drag things to the top of the carrier to have it sorted in "by automatic", you can also doubleclick an item within the carrier to sort it in to the toppest inventory.

I dont know if there are two types of complete carriers within the game, but this behaviour obviously has changed within .55