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Hundreds of Items in One Barn
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Basically, my friend and I spent days playing on only one server. As we looted our corner of the map, we branched out more and began to find fewer and fewer items. The military bases, firehouses, police stations, and many other locations had been stripped bare. Eventually, I stumbled across a barn in Sinistok that has hundreds of items in it. There are two barns north of Sinistok right next to each other. It is the one further north.;-150;7

I filled my backpack with items to max capacity and dumped them outside the barn, over and over, for at least an hour and a half. The cleanup system gradually cleared away all of the items I moved except for lime, flareguns, and teddy bears. I moved at least a couple of hundred items and there are still at least as many items still in the barn.

The most disturbing part is that the game is continuing to add more items to the barn. On the uppermost level of the loot, there were no military vests when I left it yesterday. Today, there were two more spawned in there. I am dumping items outside of the barn in an effort to get the loot redistributed back around the map. {F31635} {F31636} {F31637} {F31638}


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While I have seen evidence of such "lootsplosions" as I have heard them called, I can not recall ever having seen them on a Public server. I do not believe that there are any specific steps that can be taken to reproduce this issue, other than to watch distribution as time goes by and players continue to play on the server. If an interested party would like, I would be more than happy to give the server information so it could be seen firsthand.

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Yep i have see the same on the north end send it here !
but no answere, so here is the proof :) to confirm what ColdAtrophy say


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I have come accross this twice. One the military base south east of Vybor. I looted it clean, went back there a day later and it was loot splosion again and the shed and house on the hill by the tree line south east of Zelengorst.

Guys. All that crap will be fixed (at least I hope) after future updates of central loot economy. Last Wednesday they rolled back loot distribution system.