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Carry two guns in lieu of a gun and melee
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It'd be nice if you had the option to carry two guns on your back if you would like instead of a gun and a melee weapon. I know you can have one gun in hand and one on back but if you use anything, the gun in your ha d gets dropped and I can't even name all the times I've lost guns because of that.


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Support. Should need to find a sling to do it though.

@Kawrnskeh or make a sling with natural leather

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evert tried running with 1 weapon on the back?
tried running with a weapon on back and a weapon in hands?
i mean real life not any game.
in RL u will dropp the 2nd weapon because u cant fix both weapons and if u run one of them will knock u out.
So if u can carry 2 weapons on back put in a random knock out during running.

There should be no free slots on your back but gun slings/holsters to carry weapons with instead.