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Items in inventory getting "cleaned up" by server
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I have found that on a number of occasions, items that are not persistent, that I've being holding on to for an extended period of time, will be removed from the server regardless of whether or not they are in my inventory.

So far this has happened to me with the following items.

  • Stack of 8 tanned leather
  • Cooking pot
  • Can opener


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Possess an item in your inventory that is not persistent (that is, will be picked up by the server after some time)
  1. After a few days, or however long it takes for the server to start cleaning up old items, place the item on the ground temporarily.
  1. Eat something. This is just what I'm typically doing when I place an item on the ground temporarily.
  1. Return the item that was placed on the ground in step 2 back to your inventory.
  1. In around 10min. (maybe less) the item will be removed from your inventory.
Additional Information

I believe the act of placing the "expired" item on the ground lets the server know to clean it up. However, placing the item back in inventory does not let the server know to not clean it up.

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Admin, feel free to close this ticket. I haven't reproduced this since I've reported it.