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Landmines almost impossible to activate without dying
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The AOE of mines and bear trap is just flat out broke. I could be 3 feet away and activate a mine or a trap and it would explode or break my legs. This need to be fixed. Also the mines are way too powerful, this is like an anti-tank mine , you should make it anti infantry, reduce its radius.


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It is an anti-tank mine. Meaning it shouldn't blow up when a person runs on it at all.

If it was an AP mine it would only be 1x1 slots

I also had an issue with activating. Instead of a 3 second countdown, I "activated" mine and the instant I pressed "F" it blew up killing me.

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@ColonelBurton It is an AP mine (Russian PMN-2, and *should* be 1x1 slot). But all of this is not related to mine activation issue.

An AP mine will fuck up at least one of your legs beyond repair, both if you step on it just right.

While I would love permanent mutilation of living characters to be a thing, as far as gameplay goes, traumatic amputation of one or more limbs means that you are essentially dead.

That raises the issue of shotgun to the lower legs or your arms or multiple gunshot wounds close by in your extremities. Easy to get your shit shot off if it hits the bone.

Mines and other explosives could be better represented and I think that it is a script that handles the explosions ATM. I think mines should work on hitbox collision, will the engine ever become accurate enough so that the server can determine accurately if you hit a mine or not, I have my doubts.

I got killed by activating a damaged mine but I successfully activated a pristine mine without getting blown up. This could be intended behavior.