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Plate carier bugged - deletes items all the time
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Plate carier is bugged - deletes items. Have a look in the youtube link

As soon as you place an item over a full inventory slot in plate carier while swapping items the items get deleted.


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Have a full plate carier, grab any item and replace it with item in plate carrier, the replacing item will disappear

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I can verify this. Video is exactly what will happen to my character also and the plate carrier. This is an constant bug and are easy to reproduce.

Thank you for the report mroovax.


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What ever you do, do not add gun holster with full vest pouches, everything will be GONE. I have a ticket for that issue started as well.

@snipe, yes that is correct.
Only thing you can do is to move in and out one item at the time or the attachments for it. Be very careful with items in this. I have low value items in there now until we get a fix for this bug.

Annoying bug, as the Plate Carrier is a nice addition to the game overall.
0.56 will most likely fix this...


Can confirm as well. There is also a small addition to this, having a weapon equiped in the holster with a magazine, and then taking the vest off, causes duplicate magazines to spawn. the mags are non functional as they mirror the original mag (lose ammo when the other mag is fired and so on) but they take up an inventory slot and can make it hard to find which one is the real mag.

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Hello mroovax and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0023489) and it has been scheduled for a fix.