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All zeds hear gun shots from supressed weapons as if they were unsurpressed
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All zeds in local radius to player are zoning in after firing supressed weapon, Zeds should not be able to hear and run towards location upon firing on supressed weapon, As zeds are alot more difficult to kill now shooting them is the easiest option, But having an entire town full of zeds come running are firing one bullet from a supressed weapon is abit rediculous.


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Be near any zed within at least 200m with any supressed weapon, Fire gun, Watch them come running straight too you

Additional Information

With the new stealth mechanics I think zeds should be unable to hear supressed weapon shots unless very close

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Hello Cobiee and thank you for the report.
Currently the silencer does not work on zombies because the feature was not implemented yet, but it will be implemented in the future.