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Plate Carrier with Attached Pouches entire inventory contents disappear after attaching Gun Holster.
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It happened this early morning, about an hour after maintenance. I had found the Plate Carrier and Pouches beforehand. Then, I found the Gun Holster at NWAF tents and attached it immediately. My full inventory vanished as soon as I attached the Gun Holster to the already built Carrier and Pouches.

I should have thought more about what I was doing before attaching the holster, but I was excited to have found the full set.


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I don't want to try.

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My gear is gone and that's fine. I had found the pouches first and kept items in the Pouches before I found the Plate Carrier. When I tried to attach the pouches to the plate carrier the message was something like "Must be empty to Attach." I should have assumed the same for the Gun Holster.

Also, thanks for all the hard work regarding the loot. I, for one, very much enjoy being a part of this Alpha.

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This also happen when using the full Plate Carrier with both attachments without trying to attach the parts with items in them.. The magaizines as an example "duplicates" it self and is a struggle to get rid of. Also items disapair when moving them in or out. Also when dragging one item over one already exsisting in Plate Carrier to change place, it will disapair. Most of the times not to be recovered. However today I did find one or two items this happened to in vicinity. It is buggy for sure ;) Thank you!

True. Reported before. Still no fix from devs.

So, I had this issue. What I discovered was, you need to empty it, attach the parts to the vest, put your gun in it, then load items. I found that it bugs if you don't have a gun in the holster, and it really doesn't like drag and dropping items into inventory.

Geez added a comment.Apr 16 2015, 10:16 AM

Hello gfoshizzle and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0023443) and it has been scheduled for a fix.