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Character animation for eating or drinking does not complete if inventory is full
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Travelling with a full inventory (no open slots), and attempting to eat or drink an item found on the ground, the animation begins, but pauses and has to be completed by picking the item up in hands, via the inventory or heads-up menu.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fill all inventory slots
  2. Find an item on the ground to eat or drink (will use a kvass for this illustration, but happens for all food or drinks)
  3. Look at the kvass to get heads-up menu, or right-click in inventory window to get menu options
  4. Choose "Drink Soda" from menu
  5. Animation starts then pauses
  6. You will need to choose "take kvass into hands" from the inventory window
  7. Animation finishes (drinking)
Additional Information

Does not happen when there is at least one open inventory slot.

Happens similarly with cans of food

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