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Pistol Magazines Disappearing From Inventory
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I have lost several pistol magazines for the P1 and Makarov while attempting to reload the magazine or using the "R" key to switch magazines.

In the first case, I had a full inventory, and needed to reload a partially empty magazine, so I removed the magazine from the pistol (Makarov) and placed the magazine on the ground to reload it; the magazine disappeared and could not be found after searching carefully. This happened twice, so I vowed never to place a magazine on the ground again. Currently, if my inventory is full, I place ammo on the ground to create an open inventory space, remove the magazine to inventory, and reload it from the ammo on the ground.

In the second case, I was travelling with full inventory, and my P1 pistol was inside a protector case with two additional full magazines, and I access the pistol via hot key. While running for my life and trying to reload, I pressed "R" to try to swap magazines. A new magazine was loaded, but the empty one was not placed back in the inventory, and disappeared (again, this happened twice in a row) I searched the ground on the area to be sure, but could not find any empty mags.


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I am not about to try to reproduce this, because in both cases, I am down to my last magazine.

All inventory slots were full when these instances occurred - full backpack, vest, jacket and pants.

Scenario 1:
A. Take out pistol (via hot key), and shoot zombies until you need to reload (pistol and additional mags are contained in protector case)
B. Take out magazine and place on the ground, to try to reload
C. Magazine disappears

Scenario 2:
A. Take out pistol (via hot key), and shoot zombies until you need to reload. (Pistol and additional mags are contained in protector case)
B. "Reload" icon (clip icon) appears on screen when pistol is empty
C. Press "R" to reload or choose the option from on-screen menu
D. Pistol loads new magazine from inventory, but the empty one is not returned to inventory, and disappears.

Additional Information

All occurrences were in the far north area of the map - between Tisy and Nagornoe.

Some of these magazines were carried over from 0.54 - I don't know if that matters.

I have noticed occasional instances of items placed on the ground sinking partially into the ground - It may be possible that the mags are just beneath the surface and inaccessible (?)

Those magazines are precious! Reload carefully!

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I have had similar issue, however, the magazine does not appear anywhere once take off of the weapon, it will let me place it back into my gun using the hotkey. This shows that I have a clip in the weapon, and a clip in inventory, but as soon as I select the clip in inventory to load ammo, it disappears from inventory and weapon.