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SUGGESTION: Players lying down should not block running players
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Generally, I don't think that a crouched or especially prone player should be able to block a running player.

Somebody who is prone should absolutely allow a running player to transcent right through him.

Somebody who is crouched or would just be pushed out of the way.

I am posting this because several times now, players have used the prone position to block exits and paths in order to be able to corner me. It is ridiculous that I can't simply run over somebody who is lying on the ground.


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Lie down prone blocking exit.
Have other player try to run through you.

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A decent solution would be a realistic JUMPING mechanism. One that makes it impossible or pointless or even a severe disadvantage to "bunny-hop" but still allows you to jump freely. I just don't get how so many games have a simple and sensible jumping mechanic but in DayZ, all you have is this semi-functional "vaulting"

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