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'Hide body' moves body to different location
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I found a body, looted it and then hid it whereupon it sank into the ground. A little while later I found that same body on the other side of town, though the model was extremely low-quality. The body could not be looted. {F31612}


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The body was on the other side of town when it was hidden. Low LoD likely has something to do with this.

Happened in Severograd

Private shard

Occurred a few days ago so precise version number may not be correct.

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Yes. Confirmed.

A few versions earlier, the body just changed his position more down.
So, if you hided a body on the 2nd floor of the school, you could find it later on the ceiling on the 1st floor.

Solution: NO CHANGEMENT of the position when hiding.
Just let the body despawn ..

How about we remove and rework the "hide body function" since it is absolutely stupid.

This magical disappearing act is an absolute immersion breaker and a cheap solution.

Having said that, dead bodies should not block or hinder player movement.

I agree, but I figure the hide bodies option should work as it should if it's going to remain in-game. Being able to drag corpses to hide them in a bush would be far better, in my opinion.

At the very least, hiding bodies should require a shovel. Digging where the body was hidden should re-reveal the body, though items should be damaged in the process.